The rising star Melissa McCarthy

There is one Hollywood actress that has certainly begun to make waves and look to dominate the film world. Melissa McCarthy has slowly begun to rise up through the ranks with a series of brilliant performances that are starting to define a great career ahead and into the future. Starting out from a stellar performance as Sookie in the brilliant noughties tv series, “Gilmore Girls ‘ she has gone from strength to strength. Here are a few examples of the great work she has already done.

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  1. Ghostbusters 2016. Making a remake of such an iconic and well-loved film can be professionally very damaging if it goes wrong. However, an all-female cast, with her friend Kristen Wiig as a co-star was not a well-received film and Melissa had made her mark.
  2. The Kitchen. Inspired by the 1980s Lynda La Plante tv series “Widows”, this is a tale of how three Irish mobsters’ wives decide that rather than just let their husband’s crime interests slide they should take over. Set in the 1970s the gang would have had issues today with AML IDENTITY CHECK technology in place, like that from W2. The film shows the trials and tribulations of the women as they seek to take over the firm.

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  1. The Boss. Combining Melissa with the comedic talents of Kirsten Bell was sure to be a winning idea, and indeed it is in this tale of a woman, rejected by a series of families who grows up to be an extremely successful boss of three companies. She is undone by participating in illegal insider trading and has to seek redemption with a young mother and daughter.
  2. Identity thief. This was the film that proved the star power of Melissa and her co-star Jason Bateman. Despite the film getting poor reviews, the public loved the film and it made a tidy profit.