The Best Tools for Online Shopping

There are a huge range of fantastic tools on the internet for getting a little something extra with almost no effort at all, but can be easily missed by those who don’t go looking for them – this could be longer free trials to regular subscription services, bonus codes to enhance a gaming experience when looking online for more sites like Wish that benefit from this, or when it comes to shopping, getting some exciting discounts without needing to do anything at all. So, what are the best tools to enhance an online shopping experience?

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CamelCamelCamel – If shopping on Amazon is a regular occurrence, particularly around dates that offer big discounts like Black Friday, then this site is almost a necessity. It looks at the history of product pricing on Amazon across all regions and shows some of the best deals and some of the worst deals to boot – ever wonder if the 50% sale price is really a big sale? This site is great for identifying that. It’s surprising how often a product will go on “sale” only for the price to be exactly the same as what it was before – definitely a fantastic tool for regular Amazon shoppers.

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Honey – One of the most well-known tools around for online shoppers, but just because it’s known doesn’t mean it’s actively used by many. Installed as a browser extension, this tool will automatically look around the internet for different coupon codes and try them during checkout on sites that qualify to find the best deal and can often lead to surprising 20% and 30% discounts, users can also gain points for using Honey which can be used on other bonuses too. There is the caveat that not all sites are represented, so some big names can be missed, but the extension does cover an large variety. You may also like online slots Australia.

InvisibleHand – This one is a bit of a combination of both other tools mentioned, but more targeted towards some bigger brands and travel options in airline, hotel, and car rental. When on a product page, a notification may appear if the product being looked at is available at a competitor for cheaper and will also alert users of coupon codes where available too – it doesn’t cover as many sites as Honey does and doesn’t cover the full breadth of products like CamelCamelCamel does, but is a great alternative if needing to compare some bigger brands too.

These are just a few of the many and growing tools out there as more assistance than before exists on helping users get the best possible deals online – be sure to try one out for the next online purchase and see just how much can be saved.