The amazing Life of Steve Jobs

One of the most inspiring and brilliant technological innovators of the twentieth and twenty-first century is Steve Jobs. Without his ideas and developments, the world as we know it would be very different. These products have shaped a generation and inspired the next. Even if your Mac goes wrong, at least a Computer Repair Gloucester based company like Cotswold Computer Medic can be relied upon to get it up and running again.

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Jobs was born in 1955. His father was a Syrian migrant, and his mother was an American-German. However, they both put the boy up for adoption, and he was soon taken from them. Academically he was very gifted and went to college but dropped out soon afterwards. Instead of studying, he went to India with the intention of studying Zen Buddhism. On his return, he was to meet a man who would change his life forever. Steve Wozniak was another visionary, just like Jobs. With a love of computers, they developed Wozniak’s Apple, a computer that both men built in a garage together. Apple 2 was even more of a success. It is recognised as one of the first mass-produced home computers.

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However, the Macintosh is the real breakthrough. It brings about the era of desktop publishing. This was the ability to design and produce print material on a large scale without the use of a press. It was one of the forerunners to the start of the internet.