Combat those Feelings of Sadness Over the Winter

In the winter months something that many people suffer with is seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD! Feeling down or tired is something that many people can struggle with during the winter, so it is good to have the right things in place to help combat these feelings.

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Light boxes are a good way to give you the light that can help your brain to feel better. These can be bought from many places and are a way to expose you to the light that your body is lacking in the winter months.

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Another thing that you can do is practice meditation. This is a great tool to have to help you to calm down feelings of anxiety and depression and also works well to help you to live in the moment. There are lots of online apps that you can use as well as YouTube videos which will help you to learn to meditate.

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Going for a walk is a great way to blow away those cobwebs from the brain. Even if you struggle with walking physically, you can use mobility aids like this to help you to get outdoors and enjoy the natural world in the winter.

Something that many people like to do over the winter is make plans so that they have something to look forward to. Whether it is a delicious meal or a family holiday, make plans to do things that will bring you joy.