What are the Roles of a Quantity Surveyor on a Building Project?

When you embark on a building project, one thing that you need is good management and organisation. In particular, it is important to ensure that the cost of the project is kept a close eye on, and this is why when building, you should go to a professional like this quantity surveying services company www.tc-consult.co.uk/service/quantity-surveying/

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There are many important roles that a quantity surveyor will take on. These include:

Looking at a site and working out what potential it has. They will then take into account the client’s budget and work out how they can make the best use of the site within the set budget.

Throughout the building process, they will monitor and keep a close eye on the progression of the project, and the costs that are adding up. This helps them to guard against the build going over budget and can also allow the client to make changes to help keep the project within budget.

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They have a good understanding of the legalities surrounding a building project, so they will be able to help the client to deal with those.

Reporting regularly to the client how the project is progressing and keeping them updated on the costs of it so far.

Looking for the right contractors to do various roles on the project – seeking out specialists in each area, collecting quotes from them and comparing prices to make sure that the client gets the best value for money.