Top tip for packing to move home

Moving home is an exciting time, but there are lots of different stages to it. From agreeing on your mortgage and exchanging contracts right through to moving day, there are a lot of things for you to think about. You will also need to be working with a number of professionals such as estate agents, solicitors and mortgage companies. There is one thing that you can start planning from the moment you have your offer accepted on your new home – packing!

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Packing can be one of the most stressful parts of moving home. Especially as it often means having to go through items that you have had for years and deciding on whether or not you want to keep them. One of the best ways to start packing is by sourcing storage from a Self Storage Chorley company like, or one near your location. This will enable you to take all the items that you don’t need in your current home and pack them away, ready for when you move.

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When you box up items, make sure that you label the boxes clearly as to what is contained in them and the name of the room that they are to go in. This will help to make your moving day run much smoother.  You should also ensure that you use bubble wrap or packing tape for any items that are fragile and breakable.