The Sunbreaker effect. An architectural effect with green overtones

The last thing that office workers want to be is hot. This is true for factory workers and people living in flats and high rises too. In the past, the simple solution was to put in a large heating and cooling system that would chug away all day using diesel or even coal to create the energy required to create the cool air. Hot air was sucked in, and the cold air was fired out using frozen water to cool the air.

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As effective as this is, it uses a huge amount of the Earth’s resources to do it. Multiply this by the many offices and homes that use the systems, and you can see the cost in energy to us all.  There is a solution to this problem. Given that the sun and its direct rays are one of the most powerful contributors to that, you need to find a way to block it as best you can.

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Brise Soleil systems, or sun breaker if you prefer the English translation, is the answer. Aluminium Systems can provide brilliant systems for this that can be applied to the windows of offices and factories. It is a type of grill that simply lets in sunlight in the early and late part of the day but deflects and reflects the main part of the day’s sunshine. Enough light is let in to reduce the use of artificial light sources, but the need for air-con is virtually reduced to nothing as the natural conditions are controlled by the Brise soleil.