Signs of Rats in Your Pipes

Nobody likes the thought of rats running around in their sewer line. The first sign of a rat infestation is droppings in your home’s drainage system. This is one of the most common signs of a rat infestation. Unlike rats, mice are much less obvious, but they can still make themselves known by their droppings. In addition to the above mentioned signs, you may also notice that there are holes in your drains and pipes. These holes are likely a rat’s entrance points, allowing them access to your pipe network.

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The next sign of a rat infestation is creaking noises. The sound of scurrying rats can also be an indication of a rat infestation. While these signs can be confused with other problems, it’s essential to seek professional help in this case. To locate the culprits, check the walls and stonework near the pipes. If you notice any, call a pest control company and then a plumber to fix any pipes that have been damaged or have holes in. Rats can squeeze through surprisingly small gaps! For more details on the benefits of Drain Lining Maidenhead, go to Drainpower

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Once you have identified the culprits, you must remove them from the premises. Sewage rats are notorious for damaging plumbing and sewer systems. They can chew through insulation in your home, causing noise and serious damage to pipes. They may also carry unpleasant diseases such as salmonella. So, if you think you’ve discovered a rat’s nest, it’s time to take action.