Reducing Risks at Christmas

At Christmas, we all love to get the house looking its best and take part in the festive fun of the season. However, it is also important to be aware of dangers that can come with this at this time of the year and learn how to avoid them.

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Here are some of the things to be aware of to reduce your risk of a disaster happening this Christmas…

Fire – A house fire is always devastating, but at Christmas it is even more so. One of the biggest causes of house fires is electrical problems, and with so much more electricity being used for things like fairy lights and of course cooking, it is a good idea to have your electrics checked by a professional like this Cheltenham electrician  This is particularly important if you notice the smell of burning, or fuses blowing.

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Pets – We have lots of things in the home at this time of the year that can pose a danger to our pets. Be careful of certain foods like hanging chocolates from the tree which are toxic to both cats and dogs. Also be aware of what plants you are bringing into the house as many can also be deadly to our four-legged friends.

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Burglary – Christmas is a time when burglars will be more likely to strike. The value of expensive gifts combined with the fact that people are out and about more at Christmas gives them an opportunity. Have a burglar alarm installed and look up the ways to reduce your risk of burglary around the festive season.