Obsessive Cleaning Issues

Some people suffer from an obsession with cleaning. Yes, it’s true – some people really can’t stop cleaning. For some, it’s such an addiction that they will clean, scrub, polish, vacuum, dust and then start all over again. They cannot function without first cleaning everything and their whole lives revolve around their all-encompassing cleaning schedule.

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Whilst it’s a good quality to be organised, tidy and proud of your home, by taking an activity to its extreme lengths, it can destroy a person’s mental health, personal relationships and physical health. The key to happiness and health is balance in all things.

Why do people suffer from obsessive cleaning?

For some, cleaning is seen as something that successful or good people do. It can soon become an activity people feel compelled to do for outward appearances or to feel that their life is working and they’re in control. For others, it’s a deeper-rooted problem of fear over germs, illness or contamination.

Relax – Most types of obsessive behaviour feed off anxiety, so it’s important to learn some relaxation techniques. It’s important to rid those thoughts that tell you if you clean you will stop something bad from happening. Why not consider Commercial Cleaning Belfast so you can have a break? Go to https://maccleanni.com/ for more details.

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Break up your routine – Withdrawing from any habit-forming activity must be done in small stages. You don’t need to go cold turkey – after all, some level of cleaning is desirable. Relaxing deeply before you start cleaning and starting your schedule later than usual is a good place to start. By getting more creative with your routine, it will start to lose its tight grip on you bit by bit.