Getting a Mortgage to Finance your Self Build Home

When you want to build a house of your own, the route that most people take to get the funding or part of the funding for a project as big as this is to get a mortgage. Mortgages that are lent for self-build homes are different to a conventional mortgage, and are a little more complex, due to the fact that a building project is more complex than simply buying a house that has already been built. The risk to the lender is higher and therefore you will have a lot more paperwork to complete to obtain a self build mortgage.

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In order to reduce the risk to the lender, self build mortgages are also paid out differently. Also in the case of a regular mortgage you would get one lump sum in order to buy the property. A self-build mortgage is paid out in stages, as various stages of the project are completed, such as when the roof goes on.

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Before you start a project like this, you need to get a good idea of what it is likely to cost in order to ensure that you can afford it. Look into the cost of the things that you will need like timber frame house kit prices, as well as the costs for the labour and other work that goes into it, from the architect to the electricians. Doing all of this stands you in good stead for your mortgage being approved and the project going well.