Protecting your Garden from Burglars this Summer

Spring is here and many of us are spending time working on our gardens at this time of the year. But as well as all of the planting and pruning that we do, it is also important to ensure that your garden is not likely to be used by burglars to access your home.

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With summer coming up and people going on holiday, burglars are going to be actively looking for ways to access people’s homes, and the gardens are often a way that they get in. Because they are set back, they are not as visible as the front of the house so there is less chance of being spotted. Here are some ways to improve the security of your garden…

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Use Lighting – Gardens are often darker with no street lighting unlike the front of the house. Security lighting, especially in dark places like side alleys to the garden can put intruders off entering as they will not want to be seen.

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Have CCTV Installed – Get someone like this CCTV installation Worcester based company to come and set you up with a camera system so that you can keep an eye on your garden – this will also work as a deterrent.

Plant Spiky Bushes and Plants – Plants that are spiky around the perimeter of the garden are a great way to stop intruders from clambering over the fence into your back garden. Native plants like blackthorn and holly are beautiful and easy to grow.