Choosing the Right Plants for the Shady Spots in your Garden

This time of the year is the busiest for gardeners – with spring underway, it is a busy time in the garden. From sorting out and clearing up to making repairs and preparing the soil, there is a lot to be done now.

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Something else that many gardeners spend time doing at this time of the year is planning and preparing what they are hoping to grow in the garden. Visiting a nursery can give you some good ideas and inspiration for what you might want to plant in the garden. Looking through gardening magazines and books is also a good way to learn more about various plants and get a good idea of what you might like to add to your garden.

It is also important to keep on top of the health of your plants and treat any illness or disease that they may have, such as this black spot on roses remedy from Green Acres Direct.

A common issue that a lot of gardeners have to deal with, is what to plant in shady areas, particularly a garden border. Parts of the garden that receive little or no sunlight are often more difficult to get plants to grow in, as most plants prefer to have a lot of daylight, however, there are many types of plants that are perfect for the shady areas of the garden. It is also worth looking into the various soil types and which plants prefer particular types of soil, to increase your chances of having a thriving garden border display. Here are a few that you might want to add to yours…

Chinese Fairy Bells – These pretty and delicate little flowers thrive in a shady area, and with their drooping pretty heads live up to their name. They can also reach quite a height so suit the back of a border. In the autumn they will come out in a flush of deep red, almost black berries.

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Soft Shield Ferns – These are native to the UK, so will be well suited to the climate, and thrive in shady areas. These are evergreen ferns, so will provide you with greenery throughout the whole year as well and add a nice touch to shady borders when mixed with other flowering plants.

Johnsons Blue Geraniums – These are great at the front of the garden border and will bloom with a riot of blueish-purple coloured flowers from May until the end of the summer. They don’t grow high, so this is why it is recommended they are planted at the front of a garden border, but they are hardy and enjoy a shady spot in the garden.

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Japanese Anemones – If you have a wall or fence that is in a shaded area, these are the perfect plant to grow on them. They are not only good for growing in a shady spot, but their flowers bloom for months, which will give you a long lasting garden colour.