The process of filming an ad campaign

A series of adverts were filmed in Tewkesbury for a food brand. Accountants in Tewkesbury were hired to take care of the finances revolving the shoots. A strict budget was negotiated between the production company and the brand. The accountants also did additional work by helping the production company get good deals when dealing with outside parties. The other people involved in the shoot who needed to be paid using the budget include actors and actresses. A few agencies were contacted in order to audition a wide range of people. Makeup artist were also hired using their portfolios on Instagram.

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A local hairdresser was also hired to do simple but professional hairstyles. A set designer was also hired to create a nice set that would photograph well in the adverts. The videographer was the most expensive person to hire. The videographer was a person the network had worked with previously and had created successful ad campaigns. This was extremely important as it was indicative of another successful ad campaign. The advert was written by one of the producers. The writing is an extremely important stage as a great storyline or great lines create a strong brand image and makes the ad memorable.

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