Why ergonomic chairs are best

There used to be a time when office workers would sit on any chair that was available. But now, we are all much more aware of the impact that sitting for long periods of time can have on our back health. This is where ergonomic chairs like those from an Office Chairs Gloucester company like bizstationery.co.uk/furniture/office-chairs/ can help.

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Chairs that are designed to stay in a fixed position, like those that you would traditionally use to sit at a dining table, do not allow for the additional support that is needed for sitting for prolonged periods. As a species, our bodies are not designed for us to be sitting all day long and as such, we need to develop support mechanisms to help support us.

When using non-ergonomic chairs, offices worker reported a number of health conditions such as:

  • Wrist problems
  • Shoulder pain and tension
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain and lower back disorders

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All of these complaints can be alleviated by using the appropriate furniture and by taking regular breaks away from your desk.

Ergonomic chairs help to prevent the user from slouching throughout the day. This then helps to release the pressure that can build up in the lower back and the neck and shoulder area. Lumbar supports help to straighten out the spine in the lower sections of the back.

Armrests allow for the weight of the arms to be distributed across the chair, and this then helps to reduce the instances of strains occurring in the shoulders and pain in the neck area. The armrests will need to be adjustable so that the individual can align them for their requirements.