Useful Fashion Advice for the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the American horse racing calendar’s biggest and best events. Yet, this historic race is about more than just the horses.

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Nonetheless, if you are thinking about attending or just curious about the fashion picks for the KD, say no more. In fact, this is also one of the best occasions to show off some great fashion choices, so what do you need to know about what to wear?

Stay Fresh and Comfortable

The Kentucky Derby is held in Louisville in May. The 2022 event is scheduled for May 7 and this means that it tends to be held in hot conditions with temperatures often reaching the 70s. For the coldest Kentucky Derby on record, we need to go back to 1940, when the thermometers showed 36 degrees. At the opposite extreme, it reached 94° in 1959.

Some rain falls on approximately half of all Derbies, while there has even been snow or sleet on rain occasions. However, the key factor for spectators is the heat. This is why the ladies tend to wear light dresses while the gents opt for fresh suits to let them stay cool even as the temperature rises.

The comfort factor also applies to the footwear you choose. This is a great day for walking about and making new friends or running into people you already know. Therefore, it makes sense to have a pair of comfortable flat shoes to change into if necessary.

There are no fixed rules concerning the outfits that can be worn at the Kentucky Derby. However, most of the spectators opt for a spring or summer look that fits the occasion and the setting perfectly. Women will often use spring dresses, while the men go for summer suits.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

There are also certain colors that are commonly used by spectators at Churchill Downs for this race. In terms of female fashion, you can expect to see bright, bold colors as well as pastel shades. The reserved seating is where the most eye-catching outfits are seen, but you can wear something suitable like this in any part of the venue.

As for the male spectators, they often use bright, bold colors that fit the summery feel of their suits. This is a terrific opportunity to wear the colors that you might normally feel are too attention-grabbing for wearing to work or for other social occasions. You’ll fit right in at the Kentucky Derby if you go for a bright summer suit.

Whether you plan to place any Kentucky Derby bets or not, using the right colors will help you to feel part of this day. It certainly isn’t an occasion for using dark or dull tones.

Remember Your Headwear

Coordinating the main outfit with a range of accessories is one of the key parts of putting together a Kentucky Derby look. The ladies typically make a huge impact with their Southern Belle-style hats. Big, wide-brimmed models are popular here and you’ll see a huge range of styles on show.

There is no rule about having to wear a hat, but Kentucky Derby tradition suggests that it brings you good luck. Flowers and bows are often seen on these hats, but feel free to show your creativity and your own style by choosing the colors and elements that you like best.

Many of the male attendees also use hats to keep the sun out of their eyes. The different styles that are most commonly seen include straw boater hats, felt derby models, and straw fedoras. Staying cool is one of the key concerns with men’s headwear, although we’ve increasingly seen men using bolder hats in recent years.

By following these fashion tips, you can feel completely comfortable at Churchill Downs and enjoy the action without any worries about your outfit.