How to get yourself a designer lawn

We all want a better garden. Not only do they increase the value of our homes, but they also improve the look of the property in general. A good lawn is a thing of comfort and pride. It also offers a place to sit and lay out some nice garden furniture or to get a rug down and have a backyard picnic. How do you get such a perfect example? How do you get a designer lawn?

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The first thing that you need is Nottingham Mini Digger Hire as the work required to start is pretty heavy duty. The secret to a good designer lawn is good drainage. Water collecting on the surface of the lawn, or the lawn becoming waterlogged, is one of the worst things that can happen. It promotes moss and weed growth. It can also result in the grass dying off or turning brown and unsightly. A digger will clear away a decent depth for you to lay down a good thick level of sand. This will allow the water to flow through. Grass is very hardy and it generally grows anywhere, but it needs to be able to thrive.

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Laying down some decent turf is a must. You can use grass seed but this takes time and you have to keep off the grass for a considerable period of time. Regular checking with the rooting out of weeds and some feeding of nutrients are also needed. All that remains is regular mowing and edging.