Can concrete ever be artistic?

Concrete is a staple and basic addition to any build. It is the base and core of many structures. In some cases, the whole building may have been constructed from concrete. In the late 1940s and 1950s, due to the need for speed and a lack of brick, concrete became the go-to building material of public works.

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New Universities, concert halls and exhibition spaces were created from this building material, even homes, with a pebble dash covering, were made out of concrete sheets bolted together. Whilst the designs were basic, even brutal some would say, it was considered a very modern approach. Concrete Stroud based company would certainly agree it’s one of the best materials to work with. However, can something so practical be artistic?

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The answer is very much yes. In fact, there is a whole school of artists that decided to use the medium to produce contemporary pieces. These were far removed from the functional public buildings that were springing up all over Britain.

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For one movement of artists, it was a godsend. The artists were a school that focused on abstract geometric shapes. These were easily created out of concrete from moulds. The idea was to create large works for public spaces. It was a very modern approach and something not seen before. Whether the public warmed to the style was another matter. It proved to be a popular medium in France and parts of Latin America.