Winter Storm Damage In Your Home And How To Prevent It

We have bid farewell to the summer and the autumn has crept in. It is now time to spend more time cosy and warm indoors as the weather turns wilder outside. Winter storms are something that we expect in the UK, but this doesn’t make them any more pleasant! Periods of stormy wet and windy weather are not only a dampener to our spirits, but they can also cause us all sorts of problems with our homes too.

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This winter, it is likely that we can expect more windy and wet weather – before the worst of it sets in, it is a good idea to be aware of the main areas of your home that can be damaged by this and if possible, take preventative measures to make sure that your home is a safe as possible from the threat of the storms…

The Roof

This is an important but often overlooked part of the home. Because we don’t see it, it is easy to forget, but it is there keeping us, and our homes protected and warm. It is usually only when a problem happens that we tend to really notice it. This is also a part of the home that can take quite a battering in the winter. The rain can cause leaks and snow is particularly tricky, as it can freeze and expand before melting away and leaving damage to tiles and cracks in the roof behind.

Checking your roof is a good idea before winter sets in so that if there are any spots where you notice there is damage you can get a professional such as this roofing Cheltenham based company to repair it for you.

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Drains are something else that we don’t give a lot of thought to but are an essential part of our modern lives. Blocked drains are more common over the winter, and one of the main culprits for this is a combination of the increased rainfall and the falling autumn leaves. If you have trees nearby, it is good to regularly check the drains as both leaves and moss will clog them up quicky. It is also a good idea at this time of year to check on your gutters and clear them out, as the leaves can easily get stuck in them and cause cracks to the gutter and poor drainage – these problems only get worse with time, so getting to them quickly is essential.

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In the summer, gardens are a great place to spend time enjoying the weather, but we must make sure that they are not neglected in the winter. One of the most common garden problems in the winter months is the damage caused from high winds – things like patio chairs, kid’s toys, and fences can easily be blown down in a storm, and not only does this cause damage to property but can also be very dangerous. It is a good idea to have an autumn tidy up at this time of the year and put things away in the shed or garage and make repairs to any fences that need it.