What happens to old petrol stations

With the need for more and more land for housing, there is a lot of pressure on local councils to look at ways in which they can build these homes on land that is disused, rather than using up greenfield sites. There are many areas where warehouses, industrial units and even petrol stations have become disused and they make for great development spaces. When it comes to petrol stations there are a number of processes that need to take place before the land can be used.

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The first stage of looking to reuse this type of land is to clear away all the existing units. This will include ensuring that the petrol and diesel tanks are empty and then removing all the pumps. Once this has happened a Tank decommissioning company such as https://www.ashremediation.co.uk/tank-decommissioning-cleaning-removal/ will come in to make the underground tank safe, before removing it completely.

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Ground checks then need to take place to ensure that there are no chemicals or items left in the ground. In some cases, the soil may need to be tended to, in order to ensure that these items are not detrimental to people’s health.

Once the ground has been declared as safe, a building company can come in and look at ways in which they can repurpose the land and turn it into a residential space. This may require some extensive planning permissions as the land would be repurposed from its previously agreed usage.