Recycling More in your Business

Your workplace could be using money and the earth’s resources unnecessarily – there are lots of things that may be put in your general waste that you could actually recycle. Although this may seem like a daunting task, not only trying to work out what can be recycled, but also getting all the staff onboard with this can seem difficult.

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However, it is not as hard as you think, and by recycling more, you may well be able to save the business a lot of money in the process, as sending less waste to landfill will cost less.

If you want to look into what you can possibly recycle, then you first need to work out how much waste and what waste products you are producing. If you contact someone like this business recycling Cheltenham based company they will be able to check this by doing a waste audit.

Once you know the waste that you are producing, then you will need bins in place to collect the recycling so that it is all kept separate from other waste streams. Once you have the bins in place, you then need to let staff know about them and how you expect the recycling to be done.

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Smaller bins placed around offices for various waste streams are a good idea as they will encourage people to recycle. Labelling bins clearly is a must to avoid any confusion!