How to prevent heat stroke at work

As we move into the spring months it won’t be long before we are all enjoying the delights of the summer sun. Along with the wonderful long days and glorious weather, comes the hazard of heat stroke for some. This could be spending too much time at the beach or out in the garden, but there are some instances where individuals can suffer from heat stroke at work.

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Cooking – when working in hot kitchens, it can be common to suffer from heat stroke, even in colder weather. However, when you add summer heat to the heat and intensity of the sun, you can find that the temperatures reach an unbearable level.

Offices – if your office has lots of windows and you find that the sun streams in through these windows, you might want to look at having a Brise Soleil like the ones from installed. These help to prevent the sunlight from streaming in through the windows and increasing the temperature inside your office space.

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Outdoor work – those who work outside such as labourers and landscapers are often affected more by the weather than most people. It is important that during the summer months that outdoor workers take regular breaks and stay hydrated. They will also need access to shady places and areas where they can cool down. It is important that they are aware of the symptoms of heat stroke and that medical attention is available for them should they need it.