Avoid these marketing pitfalls

Small businesses need a marketing strategy just like big companies. This is especially true if you are seeking to expand your customer base, increase revenue or grow your brand awareness. Marketing needs direction though as you need to be sure that it is positive and not actually sabotaging your business interests. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of negative marketing.

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In the constant search for new business, it’s too easy sometimes to forget your current customer base. Putting all of your resources and efforts into advertising might mean that you are focusing so much on attracting new custom that you’re neglecting existing clients. Marketing can also be just as effectively aimed at existing customers as new ones and there are many ways to maintain communication with that base after the initial sale. Email marketing is a cheap and effective way to achieve this if your emails are full of useful and relevant information. This way you are more likely to achieve good success rates for repeat custom.

The most effective marketing approach is to concentrate on providing a solution to a problem that your customer has. Don’t sell your product or service but sell them the way in which you are going to help them solve a problem. Don’t forget signage to help you do this. For details on Sign Makers Exeter, visit https://exeter.nettl.com/signs/

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Social media is a cheap and easy way of marketing but beware of not using it correctly or effectively. Sending the occasional tweet won’t suffice so what you’ll need is a solid social media marketing strategy. Using your market research, find out where your customers are online and target those areas.