To shred or not to shred

All businesses at some point have to address the ongoing problem of business waste.  All businesses generate waste,  there’s no escaping from it,  and whilst everybody would thoroughly enjoy the prospect of developing the idea of the paperless office it still seems to be as if this is a dream rather than a reality.  Given the increase in our ability to use technology, such as Microsoft Teams and emails, the amount of business weighs has significantly been reduced.  However there is always new legislation and documentation that outlines to businesses what they can keep and what they can destroy.

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This isn’t to say that businesses should immediately start shredding everything that they can get their hands on.  This legislation is particularly specific and it’s a good idea to check up on the rules of the most important one that is GDPR.  There are significant financial penalties if the Handling of waste and personal data is not adhered to  correctly.  The destruction of  personal details that shouldn’t be stored for any longer than a certain amount of years poses a headache for business but there is a solution.

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A Confidential Waste Disposal Bristol based company, like the one in the link, is perfect for getting all of your business’s waste removed and taken away so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. This makes life considerably easy for anyone running a business and removes a major headache.