The qualities and traits of a support worker

Support workers provide vulnerable people with care and assist them to increase their quality of life. They provide an immeasurable service and the role can be very rewarding. If you are interested in Gloucester to support worker jobs, companies such as Take 5 Healthcare are well known. Below are some qualities which are found in support workers.

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The ability to think on your feet is vital as circumstances can change extremely quickly whilst providing support, especially if the client has severe support requirements. Dealing with unexpected issues or difficult situations will be inevitable and being able to respond effectively is a necessity.

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Willingness to learn is an important quality for support work to have. Having the desire to increase ability levels or pursue higher grades of training is important; always trying to progress so they are able to provide the best level of support possible.

Being a good listener is an underrated trait for a support worker. In many cases, the client or patient feels like they need someone who will listen to their concerns or maybe just need to talk. Good support workers would take the time to listen and take a personal approach to the way they communicate and build relationships.

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Finally, kindness and empathy are also important characteristics for support workers. Being able to relate to the patient and empathise will help to create a unique bond that will ultimately have a positive impact on all involved.