How to build marketable business models from your dissertation

Many people write dissertations only to aid them in moving through the academic journey. It’s because a dissertation is a requirement for one to graduate with a Ph.D., master’s, or bachelor’s degree. It’s wasteful and unfortunate. Many current world successful business empires have begun from college thesis. When you write a dissertation, do it to provide solutions in a market. Please don’t do it to get a degree only. A thesis for Ph.D. needs you to go deep into the research field to come up with something new. A better dissertation helps you to invent revolutionary new solutions.

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The business’ core purpose is to add quality to the lives of other people using its service. When I was looking for someone who can help me write my dissertation, I wanted solutions and something with a value to the market. Build a business plan to achieve this. A good business plan has six main elements. The elements will help you have a better formula structure for your solutions to succeed.

The executive summary/ your pitch

Make your executive summary of your whole business plan to be one or two pages. Start by writing the goals and profile of the company. Write information on the gaps in the targeted market and disclose the solutions to fill the gaps. You have to convince your reader that he can succeed in the market. Disclose the plans for the future and make sure you convince readers that they can excel through it. Write an executive summary as the last thing but on the first page.

  • The Business description

A complete business description has the following four vital areas:

  • Company

Start by describing the industry, including all the figures and facts. Go to the business structure and tell if it’s a partnership or a sole proprietor. Tell whether it’s retail, wholesale, service-oriented, or manufacturing. Mention the customers and the product/service distribution channel.

Mention the support systems of the business, including customer service, advertising, and promotions.

  • Service or product

Describe the variations or features from concepts found in the business. Show the investors why the business is profitable with mind-stretching products.

  1. Sales capacity

What’s the value of your business per year? What percentage will it capture? Show the signs that the rate will cover.

  1. Reward 

It shows how those involved in the business will get prizes. Show the equity split options available for the investors or shareholders.

  1. Service or product development

No matter the amazing feature of the service or product, you must write the development plan. An improvement in service or product development will support the price rise that the market warmly welcomes.

  1. The sales and marketing

Describe all the diverse channels that will sell the products. Show the distribution structure either worldwide, nationwide, or locally.

  1. Management and operations team

Design all the systems that will run the business every day, every week, or every month. State the time your business will open, time for breaks, and the time it will close. Make daily updates and records on events, new contracts, and databases. Design the least number of adverts in a day.

  1. The financial projections

It’s a part that traps the investors’ interests. Begin with the sales forecast. Make a spreadsheet that projects your sales in three years. Make a cash flow statement that shows the projections for the income. They will also show the budgeted and the unbudgeted expenses projections. Make a different cash flow for reports showing the breakeven analysis. At some point, you will need financial intelligence experts to archive your target.


The type of resources you use in a dissertation can give better and more marketable solutions. If you still struggling try tutoring service to get some assistance with your next revolutionary product.