Effective Use of CCTV for Businesses

Here are some things to think about if you want to use this technology for your business. It could be for security, or it could be for any other application.

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Place cameras in the right place for viewing

Place your cameras in a position where they can see the area you want them to monitor. Place them in corners of buildings to avoid blind spots and to limit the view.

Consider your lighting

If you want to use a CCTV camera that can see in the dark, make sure to have a consistent lighting source. This will allow the camera to capture facial features and other identifying information. Consider using a CCTV camera with night vision if you do not have enough lighting.

Install CCTV cameras to monitor hidden entrance points

Burglars often break into buildings through basement and back windows and doors. These areas should be visible to your cameras.

Keep an eye on the front door

Install cameras to monitor the area around your front door, as well as any thefts of packages or mail.

Hide or protect your cables

Avoid leaving cables that are easily accessible exposed, as they may be easily severed. Professional security camera installers will conceal the cable in conduit to protect it, or at least make it harder to access. For CCTV Installation Cheltenham, contact apmfireandsecurity.com

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Install only outdoor cameras

Do not place indoor cameras outdoors. This will expose your camera to moisture and bugs, as well as other factors that it wasn’t designed for. The result is a reduced image quality or no image at all.

Keep your security cameras wired

Installing a wireless system is not advisable unless you have a big budget. Commercial grade systems of this type can be very expensive. Video surveillance is meant to improve security. Wireless technology has improved, but it’s still easier to “hack” than wired cameras.