7 Best Reality Shows on Netflix You Must Watch

We know that the Best Reality Shows on Netflix are a real temptation, and why not? If the best alternatives exist and that you can watch whenever you want, they are on our favorite streaming platform. There are themes for all tastes, as the Netflix catalog is quite wide when it comes to Reality Shows. Many of them are made in different countries, so you have a choice. This time we have selected some of the most popular Reality shows on Netflix.

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7 Best Reality Shows on Netflix

Best Reality Shows on Netflix

1. Back With The Ex

If you are looking for a reality show loaded with humor, drama, and a good dose of reality, you cannot miss Back With The Ex. It is a reality show of four couples who meet and live together again, as they realize that breaking up was perhaps not the best idea.

An Australian drama with 7 chapters of one hour each. The reality show premiered on April 18, 2018, in Australia on Seven Network.

2. Amazing houses

One of the new Reality Shows on Netflix that certainly leaves us speechless. Well, in each of the 12 episodes, they show us a house that looks normal on the outside, but is crazy inside. On the one hand, it is an aquarium house, and on the other hand, it also becomes a boat, and much worse. There is no doubt that it is the craziest home you can imagine.

3. Queer Eye

One of the most-watched reality shows is “Queer Eye,” a makeover show. Composed of a team of five fun characters, experts in fashion, beauty, culture, and gastronomic design. In each chapter, we will see how they manage to give the participants and their homes an impressive change of looks. There are five seasons of Queer Eye available in the North American edition.

The first season of Queer Eye premiered on February 7, 2018, with a total of 8 first episodes. It was then renewed for a second season on September 15, 2018, with a total of 8 more episodes. So get ready, because the advice you will hear is unique and emotional.

4. Yummy Mummies

We continue with another of the reality shows on Netflix “Yummy Mummies” managed to become one of the most addictive on the Netflix platform. This program follows the life of a group of pregnant women who make luxurious preparations for their babies. From bouquets of flowers, carriages and lavish parties. Exaggerated and unlimited expenses.

The famous television series made its debut on June 9, 2017, with a total of 30 episodes. The second season premiered on November 14, 2018. Whether you are a mother or not, you can not stop watching everything that you are pregnant do for their babies.

5. Cheapest Weddings

Another wonder that reaches the antipodes is the reality show “Cheapest Weddings” which follows six couples who have to plan their wedding with a minimum budget. But, given the complications that arise along the way, they have a clear objective. Which is to make a celebration in the style that costs them as little as possible.

Do you like weddings and happy marriages? Well, this reality show will show us everything that we can become by having the dream wedding. Do not miss it, and get some ideas for your wedding or for that of your friends.

6. Next In Fashion

Another spectacular Reality Shows on Netflix is ​​Next In Fashion. Model Alexa Chung and Queer Eye fashion expert Tan France, who on this occasion emancipates himself from his team. Presents this recently released reality similar to Masters of Sewing. At Next In Fashion, we will see 18 designers fighting for a prize of $ 250,000 and the possibility of selling their collection on the Net-a-porter website, the world’s leading luxury brand portal.
In the first and only season, we see the famous Tommy Hilfiger and Probal Gurung serving as judges. Reality fans have been fascinated by the show seeing so much creativity from the dressmakers who participated in the show.

7. Nickel

“Niquelao” is the Spanish version of “Nailed It” is a reality show that presents barely successful pastry chefs who must try to copy high-level sweets. Each installment lasts about 35 minutes in the American format, with three contestants taking two tests for the $ 10,000 prize.

In the first test, the contestants must choose one of the desserts with the same characteristics that the program offers to replicate. The best of the three will be the one who obtains a golden cap, which will give them an advantage for the final test.

8. Skin Wars

We have the reality shows on Netflix, Skin Wars or (skin war). It is a reality show presented by Rebeca Romjin and with RuPaul as a jury. We will also see several professionals of body painting (body painting) who compete in various tests to win a prize of $ 100,000. In the contest, the jury eliminates two contestants each week until reaching the grand final. The first episode premiered on August 6, 2014.

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