When is the best time to valet your car?

Are you a car owner? Is your prized motor looking a little messy inside and out? Many people wonder about the best time to valet or detail a car. It is recommended that vehicles undergo regular valeting every four months. This coincides with the change of seasons in the UK. This is because the wax coat lasts up to four months and the weather can cause havoc on the paintwork once it has worn off.

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To protect your vehicle from the early effects of frost, car wash services must be booked before the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. Winter is usually associated with saltier weather, and grit being spread on the road to stop it from freezing. This can cause vehicles to rust or have their clear finish damaged. Booking in car valeting is a great way to protect your vehicle and take advantage of the cooler temperatures that this time of year brings. For Cheltenham car valeting, visit elitecarspa.co.uk

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The summer is the busiest time of year for many people. With holidays, sporting events, and other activities taking place, cars tend to be heavily used. Car valeting can be a great way to maintain the appearance and integrity of your vehicle. You should have your car cleaned at the beginning of spring before temperatures rise too high, after winter and again at the end of summer before autumn arrives again.