Cars Used by the Police

For police in the UK, the vehicles are a crucial part of their work, so they need to make sure that they are able to do the job. With so much driving involved in modern police work, there are lots of requirements that a vehicle must meet to be part of a fleet of police cars.

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The police have a list of makes and models of cars which they consider to be the most reliable, and cars that are included on this list include Skoda and Mercedes. However, these cars may not always be the car of choice for more specialised police vehicles, such as motorway patrol cars or dog transportation cars.

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Of course, these cars will be fitted with all the necessary equipment for a police vehicle too – from the blue lights to the chapter 8 chevrons, and the distinct hi vis side markings making it visible as a police car.

Cars that are able to reach higher speeds or have larger capacity are often used for specialist police work, and these include Audis, Volvo and BMW.

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Because the work that is required varies, some of these cars have to be driven by specialist officers that have undergone a more advanced level of training to allow them to do it safely. Although all police cars will put the blue lights on, the higher-powered cars may have to travel at speeds well over the limit, so the driver must be able to do this safely.