Cars rich people desire

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However, sometimes enough is not always enough. Those with money like to spend it on luxury items, even if they might not need it. This article will give a few examples of cars which are usually desired by the rich.

A brand that is becoming increasingly popular is Audi. It is a German- made luxury brand with the SUV vehicle being a popular favourite amongst high earners. The pricing starts at just over $40,000 but more cash would need to be forked out for extras.

The Acura MDX is another luxury SUV which is quite similar to the Audi Q5 which makes them close competitors. According to results of studies in 2016, 9,221 people with an annual salary of over $200,000 bought an MDX, putting the make within the top 10 desired cars. The MDX is a more affordable luxury SUV as the starting price is around $44,500.

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Luxury SUVs are a pattern amongst the rich. The Lexus RX350 is another vehicle with is similar to SUVS made by Audi and BMW. It is a favourable crossover starting at around $43,000 as it is slightly cheaper than other SUV competitors.