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Style Tips for College Students

4 Essential Style Tips for College Students

Style is an important part of our everyday lives. In fact, many of us express ourselves with what we put on in the morning. If you are loud, outgoing, and ostentatious, you may wear bright, loud colors or patterns. If you are more reserved, your outfit may be a lot more toned down and the colors may be more muted. Moreover, if you are more into streetwear, your wardrobe may be a little edgier. Others, though, enjoy wearing something a little more buttoned-up. Whatever the case is, thinking about college fashion is important, because need to know how to make your wardrobe college ready? Here are four essential style tips for college students.

1. Basic is Always BetterStyle Tips for College Students

Because college can really stretch you thin – in terms of all the places you have to run around to – you want to wear clothing that is comfortable and simple. You can save the more complicated ensembles for when you go out for the night. When you are going to class – perhaps at Emerson College – you want to wear the staples, like slacks, sweaters, a blazer, and the like. You don’t want to dress too formally, because not only is it unnecessary – it is also very uncomfortable.

2. Don’t Wear Uncomfortable ShoesStyle Tips for College Students

When it comes to wearing basic comfortable outfits, you also want to wear comfortable shoes. This is essential, because if you wear dress shoes or high heels, not only will you ruin your footwear, it will also be really uncomfortable. High heels, in particular, can really hurt your feet. You definitely want to save those shoes for the next party you are invited to. Ideally, you want to wear sneakers with socks that don’t cause any abrasions or blisters. When you are walking around campus all day, it can be easy to suffer from blisters on your feet.

3. Loud Colors and Logos May Distract

Whether you are getting your degree or if you are getting your degree in film editing, you don’t want to wear anything that has loud logos all over it. Moreover, you don’t want to wear anything with loud colors, because that could distract the people around you. Ideally, you want to tone down the color choices when you are purchasing clothes. Things like Day-Glo and hyper-bright clothing, you want to stay away from. On your off-time – when you don’t need to go to class – you can wear whatever you want, but on campus, you want to look presentable and serious about your studies.

4. Don’t Reveal Too Much

On top of everything, you want to be careful about revealing too much. Just like logos and loud colors can be a distraction, so can revealing too much skin. Sure, it may feel good to wear loose clothing that is cropped high – and it may be too hot to wear anything else – but you don’t want to expose too much of yourself. In the end, it is college, after all, so you have to dress appropriately for the school you are attending.